Thanks for watching Ollie while we’re in Florida!

Ollie’s Typical Day:

8:00 AM Walk / Poopoo
8:10 AM Eat (movmov)
8:15 AM Small snack
1:00 PM Walk / Pee
1:00 PM Snack
5:00 PM Walk / Poopoo
5:15 PM Eat (Movmov)
10:00 PM Late Night Walk
10:05 PM Ollie’s Fav Snack

Ollie sleeps most of the day. He also stares outside and act tough when he sees squirrels. Feel free to adjust the times to fit your guy’s schedule. Just try not to let him go any longer than 10 hours without going outside to avoid accidents. I try to keep it max 8 hours during the day, and 10 hours overnight.

Any major changes to the schedule throw him off. He’ll remind you by coming up to you. Dogs like routine.

Walking / Pooping / Peeing

Ollie is really picky about where he goes #2. Sorry. Lol. But he should poop at least once a day, sometimes twice. If he doesn’t go once a day, you have to force him to keep walking. He is also lazy to walk in the morning, cause he just wants food. If he only goes for like 30 seconds outside, you might have to take him again around lunch.

When you’re ready to go home, tell him:

  1. Go home, Go mama, Go movmov
  2. All done. Come on lets go.

Ollie will like to lead the way so you’ll need to direct and pull him to where he should and shouldn’t go. Use your judgment. I try to keep him from going too far into someone’s yard. Avoid bushes that may have ticks. Sometimes he’s stubborn and you might need to be stern and pull him back.

If he’s been on a long walk or trail, check for ticks.

Food / water / Snacks

You can feed Ollie either number 1 or 2 from below:

  1. 1 and a half scoops of his kibble. That’s it.
  2. He likes cold water. Sometimes he’ll be picky and won’t drink it if it isn’t cold.
  3. He’ll beg for food when he sees you eating. Be careful about food on the coffee table, he might try to sneak some.
  4. If you want to, you can feed small bits of lean meat. Nothing too salty or fatty. Just a few pieces. Use your judgement for his size.
  5. NO BONES.


Ollie loves cuddles, kisses, and belly rubs. He will take any chance he has. If you’re not comfortable with kisses, then tell him no and gently nudge him. May have to tell him more than once. He’ll also get excited and jump on or next to you if you’re relaxing on the couch or bed. If you’re okay with cuddles and will be there for a bit, ask him to grab his lemur (he knows it as his lemur, but it’s a neck pillow) and he’ll bring it with him to come relax with you.

If he’s biting his lemur and moving his front paws back and forth that means he’s calming himself down.

Tough Guy / Growling / Barking

Ollie takes a bit to warm up to new faces. He’ll growl and bark but there is no bite unless he feels threatened. He’s just trying to protect you. If he gets to sniff their hand that usually helps.

Any knock or ring at the doorbell will set him off until he knows who it is. Sorry. Lol.

If he’s on his cot/bed or looking outside and sees anything move he might growl or act tough. That’s all he does though.


Ollie likes to know you didn’t forget that he’s there. Kao, Ollie may come up to you during the day for attention if you’re working. You can try the following:

  1. Acknowledge him and give him a minute of attention
  2. See if he needs to go out (see Poop section). I try to take him for a quick walk in the afternoon if I have time. Sometimes he is fine without going. He also associates walks with a treat or food (we feed him in the mornings and evenings right after his walks, and he gets a treat at bedtime after a late-night walk.
  3. He likes being spoken to, even if he doesn’t understand it. Basically, Ollie craves attention. lol.


Ollie’s vocabulary is limited.


Ollie tends to breathe really hard every now and then for no apparent reason. When Ollie yawns, that means something is stressing him out.

Home Alone

If you guys leave him home alone, just make sure all the doors are closed (and door to downstairs).

Bad Habits

Be sure no used tissues or kleenexes are on the ground. He will go after them and get possessive and aggressive. Its his weird fetish.

He will go after socks too. He won’t eat or rip it, but just chew on it. Changmee lets him do it all the time. Sorry. lol.