Lue Vang.

I'm a UI Designer who understands how design can better shape technology and push business forward. I'm passionate about people and understanding their needs. You can learn a bit more about me by clicking here. Redesign

Web Design very much needed facelift. At the request of upper management– we kept main structure of the layout in tact and focused on making the site more fluid and responsive while updating the UI.

Web Application

The Watch Log application allows team members in stores to review internal investigations while being able to assign specific stores to team members to view. My job was to revamp the current aesthetics as well as add new features that were not yet created.

Menards Watch List Application

About Me

Hello! My name is Lue Vang. I’m a UI Designer and entrepreneur from the midwest. I enjoy working with WordPress, Shopify and dabbling in front-end development. I draw a lot of my inspiration from travel and photography. When I am not creating solutions for digital design, social media, and UI, I am probably shooting photography. I am the owner of At Last Studios.

Fun Facts:

  • My wife hates it when I critique signs and other designs when traveling
  • I love photo manipulation
  • My dog’s name is Ollie
  • I was born and raised in Wisconsin
  • I have 5 years of in-house experience and 2 years of agency experience
  • Crypto coins are pretty cool

You can take a look at some of my other non-selected work here.



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